Armageddon Armory is a family-owned, full service gun store. It is our goal to provide quality products and outstanding service unmatched anywhere in the trade while maintaining very competitive pricing.

Tactical, Military, Curio & Relic, Home Defense and Concealed Carry Type Firearms are Armageddon Armory’s specialty. A broad range of stripped and complete AR lowers and uppers along with a selection of barrels for those who want to build a specific AR can be found.  A huge assortment of AR and AK parts and accessories are always stocked.  Come in and see Idaho’s largest selection of AR 15’s, AK’s, Sniper Rifles, .50 BMG Rifles and Military Surplus-Foreign and Domestic.

A wide range of Hunting,Varmint and Youth Model firearms fill the racks along with Shotguns. Armageddon Armory also carries a full line of Cowboy Action guns and Antique guns in addition to a complete line of Black Powder Guns and supplies.

HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES, CLIPS AND DRUMS you’ll find on Armageddon Armory’s 40′ long mag wall. If Armageddon Armory doesn’t have it, we can order it.

PREPAID SPECIAL ORDERS are welcome on Firearms that Armageddon Armory does not normally stock. Armageddon Armory will be glad to help you special order Firearms.

CONCEALED WEAPONS CLASSES are available at Armageddon Armory. Obtain your Utah, Idaho and Oregon Concealed Weapons License through our class. Call or e-mail for our current class schedule. Register and prepay in advance, non-refundable. Limited to twenty-five/class. Photo included. An individual can obtain one Concealed Weapons License or all three states or any combination of states. Instructor is Utah State certified. The Utah Concealed Weapons License is recognized by more states than any other permit. Please contact Armageddon Armory to enroll or if you have any questions.

ARMAGEDDON ARMORY’S HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, friendly and very knowledgeable sales team can answer all your shooting questions.The team has extensive experience with AR’s and AK’s and can assist you in trouble shooting.  They will be glad to help you select the Firearms, Ammo, Cleaning Supplies, Optics and Accessories to fill your needs.

 You’ll find the largest selection and best prices in Idaho on Bulk Ammo, Bipods, Stocks, Holsters, Scopes & Rings & Bases, Cleaning Supplies, Targets, Pistol Grips, Tactical Rails, Lights, Lasers, Carry Cases and Accessories.


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Address: 2809 Garrity Blvd., Nampa, ID 83687
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We have so many great deals we could not contain them all in one place. We work with several online stores that display and sell our featured guns.

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Gunsmithing and Engraving Services

Gunsmithing and engraving services are available at very affordable rates. Full Gun Smithing services include custom Dura-Coat and Parkerized finishes. Shurbet Enterprises' master Gunsmith/Engraver with over thirty years experience is Armageddon Armory's premier Gunsmith. His craftmenship has been featured on the cover of "Gun Magazine".

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CWL Classes

Get your UTAH Concealed Weapons Carry Permit Recognized by 35 States. We also give a second Training Certificate good for Idaho and Oregon Licenses. Qualifying Class is $75/Person. Prepaid to reserve you place, non-refundable, photo included in price.

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